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Below you will find more information about our warranty policy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We care about our products and do our best to deliver them to you in good condition. Before a product is shipped we will check it. For example, blood pressure monitors are checked to see if the values are reliable. This is done using a special calibration device.

It is inconvenient if a product is not working or not working properly. Always follow the instructions for use and also consult the manual for any problem solutions. Should a product, immediately upon receipt, not function properly you should notify us as soon as possible after discovery of the defect. To do so, please contact our customer service department for troubleshooting.

Please note the following warranty conditions:

  • Parts affected by normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty.
  • Damage due to improper or careless use is not covered.
  • You do not need to provide the original invoice. You do need to prove that you bought the product from us. This can be done through a bank statement showing our information and the product or through an order confirmation email.

For all products, you are responsible for shipping to us or the manufacturer. This is called carry-in. If the defect falls within the warranty, we will take care of repair or replacement free of charge.

Legal warranty

All products you buy from us come with a standard legal warranty. The legal warranty means that a product is or must do what the consumer can reasonably expect from it. You are always entitled to this.

Some products are also covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty does not affect the legal warranty.

Manufacturer’s warranty

The products we offer on our website are new and come with a warranty period. The warranty period refers to the manufacturer’s warranty and is the warranty given by the manufacturer. It gives you the period in which you can claim the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty card states exactly what you are entitled to. The warranty card can be found in the user manual.

The manufacturer’s warranty varies per product.

  • Blood pressure monitors – 5 year manufacturer’s warranty (cuff 1 year manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Thermometers – 5 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Pulse oximeters – 2 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Scales – 2 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Nebulizers – 2 or 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

No rights can be derived from the above warranty periods and are only an indication. For the exact warranty on your product, always check the warranty card.

On some parts, such as the cuff for example, a shorter warranty period is given. This is because these parts are subject to normal wear and tear.

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